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Behind The Scene - YOHOSTAY

At Yohostay, our Goal is to change the narrative, fill in the fine gap, transform the mindset from “YOur HOuse” Stay to “YOur HOme” Stay. Our decades of technology experience, business know-how from distinct fields with a proven experience running startups allows us to enhance our platform to the next levels. Our Team continues to bring in Rental Providers, Renters & Tradies closer with the complement of technology layer. Our advanced technology backed smart software is designed to build a healthy eco-system among Rental Providers, Renters and Tradies. We enable the ease of lease with the introduction of this unique platform YOHOSTAY.

At Yohostay

We focus on filling in the gap among Rental Providers, Renters and Tradies by building a lifetime experience never felt before in Property Market in Australia markets.

Our Value Proposition

Single Platform

One system for all parties involved in leasing Journey for all use cases.

Single Form

One Form (Renter Profile) filled by the Renters can be used for expression of interest in multiple properties.

Real-Time Approvals

Our real-time approvals allow you to stay on top and plan your move-in dates with confidence.

Maintenance & Support

With our platform Rental Providers, Renters and Tradies are in continuous touch. The live chat, support and property repair tickets and much more.

Our Vision

Yohostay’s vision is to continue to narrow down the gap among, Rental Providers, Renters & Tradies. Our aim is to provide a leasing leisure to all parties involved. We wish to deliver this new way of leasing with a continuous focus on the standards as well as the ongoing evolution of our own platform with a seismic shift in Property Industry and the technology space. We strive to enhance our system and make it smarter managing the upcoming leasing challenges.

Our Mission

Yohostay’s mission is to raise the bar, set the standards high for the success of our clients while ensuring all of our residents and Rental Providers get the best out of our platform, services, most comforting and top-notch leasing experience possible. The secret key is our focus on growth and myriad of joyful client experiences remains on top of our list to bring our best through this platform. Together we strive for excellence and ensure the success of our clients and their properties.