Lease with Ease

For Renters

Find me Home

Explore and apply to a wide range of verified properties. YohoStay allows you to schedule and manage your appointments with Agents.

Renter Profile

Create your renter profile, improve it based on score guidance and start applying as many properties as you like.

Rapid Outcomes

Get near real time outcome on your applications, thanks to our advanced application processing system.

Secure Payment

Pay your rent and bond using our secure payment system. Receive digital documents of your payments.

Lease with Ease

For Rental Providers


Search Tenants

Onboard your property & Search and connect with thousands of renters in your area and connect with relevant ones, schedule and show property.

Digital Application

Receive applications from verified Renters for an efficient selection process. Our system pre-processes the application and ranks them based on scoring.

All-in-One Platform

Easily manage property inspections and digital lease agreements. Automate your rent collection within YohoStay.

Autonomy to the Rental Providers

Use our tailored end to end services like agent’s personal dashboard, convenient access to the best tradies, etc. to get the best out of your property.

See What Our Users Are Saying

5 stars from our reviews

Cassandra H.


“Super easy to use and create a renter profile. To the point no drama. Renter profile scoring really helped me improve my application.”

David C.

Rental Provider

“I am using YohoStay to find and screen rental applications. Tenants are happy with the well organized communication and tracking system.”

Kabeer S.


“YohoStay is very easy to use. I have created my renter profile & renter listing and started receiving messages from people to inspect properties.”

Mason R.

Rental Provider

“I find YohoStay very useful to find tenants as I can search and filer renters and only contact those who are better fit for my property.”

Benefits with us

Ease of Lease

Simplified process of leasing, managing and maintaining applications for all parties.

Digital Verification

Automated system to perform employment, ID and background checks for the Renters.

Real Time Interaction

Live chat and instant notifications that connects all the parties.


“Handsfree” Platform

A smart integrated platform where you can find verified properties, Renters.